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Send “flowers” they can eat.

blossoms fresh fruit arrangements

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Our fresh fruit arrangements are the perfect alternative to flowers! Here at Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements, we design nourishing fruit arrangements that are great for any occasion from Birthdays and Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Try our chocolate dipped strawberry arrangements. Yum!
*containers in images subject to availability

Temptation Blossom

The Temptation Blossom - $68.25

Our most popular bouquet! Embrace temptation with this luxurious mix of fresh fruit and chocolate! A sweet arrangement of pineapple daisies, plain and chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped apples covered in almonds, coconut and chocolate cookie crumbs. Absolutely mouth watering.

Let’s Be Berry Good Friends Blossom

Let’s Be Berry Good Friends Blossom - $144.00

Your friend will enjoy the mouth melting chocolate dipped strawberries in this arrangement. Send this fruit bouquet to anyone who melts your heart in a friendship kind of way.

Temptation Blossom

Chocolate Dipped Berries Blossom - $65.00

An excellent choice! Embrace temptation with this luxurious mix of fresh fruit and chocolate! A sweet arrangement of pineapple daisies, and plain and chocolate dipped strawberries. Delicious!

Grand Fiesta Blossom

Grand Fiesta Blossom - $131.25

There are so many reasons to have a fiesta and we all know someone who has a reason to celebrate. Birthdays, anniversaries, new job, new baby. The list is endless!

Special Cupcake Birthday Blossom

Special Cupcake Birthday Blossom - $92.00

Kids love cupcakes and the color purple! This fruit arrangement comes loaded with healthy chocolate dipped pineapple flowers, oranges and honeydew melon.

Beautiful bouquet of fruits, dipped in chocolate with coconut coating. It’s fresh and could be a center piece at any party. I recommend buying one for a baby shower, weddings just to show off a good edible piece of artwork. It’s amazing!

Raelyn Trapp

Happy Anniversary Garden Blossom

Happy Anniversary Garden Blossom - $90.00

A sprouting garden of fresh fruit that is perfect for your anniversary dinner. Designed with fresh watermelon daisies, melon, cantaloupe, strawberries and oranges.

Thanks Again Blossom

Thanks Again Blossom - $82.25

Send this fruit bouquet to say thank you! Fresh pineapple, chocolate/coconut dipped strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew melon.

For Any Reason Blossom

For Any Reason Blossom - $111.25

A great choice for your special person. Pineapple flowers, berries skewers, fresh chocolate dipped strawberries, oranges and honeydew melon. Yum!

Pineapple Sunrise Blossom

Pineapple Sunrise Blossom - $53.00

The perfect Admin Day Blossom for any pineapple lover! A brilliantly bright bouquet featuring plenty of edible pineapple daisies, cantaloupe, and strawberries!

I Love You Mom Blossom

I Love You Mom Blossom - $99.00

Moms are awesome! Show your mom how special she is with the I Love You Mom fresh fruit arrangement. Loaded with chocolate, pineapple, melon, grapes and strawberries. Ask about our Chocolate Dipped Berries Blossom, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Gift Box, Special Treat Blossom, Grand Fiesta Blossom, and our Veggie Delight Blossom.

Honeydew You Love Me Blossom

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Gift Box - $29.99

A box of strawberries for any occasion!

Congrats on Your New Arrival Blossom

Congrats on Your New Arrival Blossom - $124.00

Send this colourful bouquet to the hospital to welcome the new addition. We can design this arrangement in blue, pink or yellow. Strawberries dipped in colorful chocolate, honeydew melon and cantaloupe.

The Corporate Blossom

The Corporate Blossom - $106.25

Do you have a special client or staff member you want to appreciate? This is the perfect choice for staff meetings to perk up your team.

Veggie Delight Blossom

Veggie Delight Blossom - $71.75

This is a great party centerpiece and pairs well with a fruit arrangement. This is also an awesome centerpiece for weddings!

Bought two arrangements for friends at the coast and they were both a huge hit. Thank you for staying late and making them fresh for us to pick up this morning and take one to Chilliwack and one to Burnaby. Totally awesome.

June Harrold

Made and order for the wrong day, called back and they changed it for me no problem! I called the same day I needed the order changed and they completely delivered!

Carilee Tate

They are beautiful and delicious, almost too pretty to eat. Lucky Kamloops!!!

Donna Blyth

I had my first delivery of a fresh bouquet of colorful, bright, sweet & delicious fruit at my office. This was a nice change from the floral bouquets because I was able to share my love from my love with others. Thank you.

Bernie Charlie

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Send “flowers” they can eat.

blossoms fresh fruit arrangements

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